The Junior Primary Phase provides the breeding ground for the numerous successes that our individual pupils and sports teams attain in the Senior Primary Department of the school. Participation in the Extra-Mural programme is strongly encouraged at this Junior Primary level. Through this policy, all pupils are exposed to many skills and activities that inadvertently may have escaped them. Emphasis at Glenwood Prep is placed on quality coaching and how the game is played, rather than a win at all costs philosophy. The progress of the pupils and the results of the lowest team in the Junior Primary phase are just as important as the progress and results of any 1st Team in the Senior Primary phase. We believe in a “Sports for All” Philosophy and cater for every individual pupil through this policy.

Phys. Ed lessons are sport and term specific. The instructors use these lessons to teach the skills required to participate effectively in the sport concerned. Sport practices are used to coach positional play, attacking and defensive patterns, game strategy etc.

Our extra-mural sport programme is the envy of many a school in the greater Durban area and the success of our programme is based on disciplined, well organised structures and qualified staff members / coaches.

Sports offered at GPS Junior Primary Phase:

  • Term 1 – Swimming, Cricket and Ball Skills (Girls)
  • Term 2 – Netball, Rugby (Grades 1,2 & 3 – boys only)
  • Term 3 – Hockey, Grade 3 Rugby Academy
  • Term 4 – Swimming and Cricket Ball Skills (Girls only), Grade 3 Rugby Academy

Garvz Academy – Cricket, Rugby, and Soccer – organised by the Natal Rugby Union, utilises Glenwood Prep as a base and provides our Juniors with an excellent opportunity to develop the different sporting codes.

Sports offered at GPS Senior Primary Phase:

  • Term 1 – Swimming, Cricket, Chess and Pre-Season Netball Action Netball
  • Term 2 – Rugby, Netball and Chess
  • Term 3 – Hockey, Chess, Action Netball and Debating, Rugby Academy
  • Term 4 – Swimming, Cricket, Chess and Action Netball, Rugby Academy

Karate Club – based at Glenwood Prep – all ages.

Sporting Facilities:

  • Main Field
  • Little Wembly – JP sports field
  • Netball Centre
  • Cricket Nets
  • Hockey Atro

The School Swimming Pool:

The pool was officially opened by Ian Campbell – Gillies on 26 March 2003.

The following sponsors are recognised:

  • Major sponsor: The AGB Trust
  • Sponsor: Clark & Kent Panelbeaters
  • Sponsor: Mr. and Mrs. DW Cruickshank
  • G.B Chairman: Mr. J Walbrugh
  • Ex-Principal: Mr. A L Ardé

Please ensure that your child is 100% correctly dressed for all practices. If your child is unable to attend practice, kindly ensure that a written note is forwarded to the coach concerned so as to excuse him/her from the practice session. Parents are requested to fetch sons/daughters 15 min after practice ending times.


  • Boys – GPS PE shirt, white shorts, GPS sports socks and white takkies or cricket shoes.
  • Girls – GPS PE shirt, green skirt, GPS green tights, white socks and white takkies.