Boarding House – Rules and Procedures

Boarding Establishment



Daily wake up time (except on mornings of hockey, swimming and other sport commitments – rise at 5:45am)
Shower (compulsory) and dress


Report to breakfast
Brush teeth
Report to Superintendent for final checks
Depart for school between 6:45am and 7am


Lunch will be delivered to school


Boys who have no sport, report to the Trust After Care facility (to sign in), and then proceed to the Homework Club. Thereafter, return to the Trust After Care and enjoy leisure time with peers.

Boys who have sport commitments report to the Trust After Care to sign in, and then proceed to sport.


All boys return to the Boarding Establishment (Excluding those who have swimming, who are transported by bus at 16h10 to DGHS, for training).

Leisure time at the B.E (i.e. swimming, playing on the mini-astro, TV, etc.)


Shower time, change into sleepwear and TV time


Swimmers return from Club – shower and change into sleepwear


Dinner time


Study prep and homework books (nicknamed ‘BOB’) and all homework tasks checked
(quiet time)


Pack bags and preparation for the following day (both academic and sport commitments).
Clean/brush shoes


Boys get into bed for quiet reading time


Lights out

Important Guidelines

• Boarders may only access the Superintendent’s quarters for medical or emergency reasons.
• The Superintendent’s children have access to the Boarders’ Common Room/Dining Room only (not into bedrooms).
• No visitors may enter the Boarding Establishment at any time. Parents to advise Superintendent of intended visit.
• Boarders must sign the Logbook on entering or leaving the Boarding House (except on normal school days).
• No animals (dogs in particular) are allowed into ‘Gordon Murray House’ (Boarders) area.
• No feet are allowed on the lounge suite or furniture.
• Place litter in appropriate bins.
• The bathroom and the space around the pupil’s bed/cupboard must be kept neat and tidy.
• Sound hygienic practices must be exercised in the bathroom. All personal toiletries must be kept in the Boarders’ personal cupboards.
• Treat ‘Gordon Murray House’ in the same manner as you would treat your home.