School History

Glenwood Preparatory School History


Extension to Terry Inman Wing – Grade 4 Block

Extension to Terry Inman Wing – Grade 4 Block

The Grade 4 Terry Inman Wing was extended with the construction of 4 additional classrooms upstairs, and ablution facilities.


New AstroTurf – Little Wembley

New AstroTurf – Little Wembley

The Little Wembley grass field was converted into an AstroTurf.


Covid19 – Adjusted School

Covid19 – Adjusted School

During the Covid19 pandemic of 2020 Glenwood Prep introduced many safety measure at school to prevent the spread of the virus while still continuing with the everyday business of learning. Face masks, that cover the mouth and nose were mandatory. Daily temperature screening and hand sanitation stations across the school were part of a normal day. Classes were split to reduce numbers, and various venues around the school became temporary classrooms. The school also hired a large tent to meet the need for extra classrooms.


School Hall Refurbishment

School Hall Refurbishment

New aluminium framed, tinted windows were installed in the hall, replacing the dated shutter glass windows.

At the same time, a new sound booth platform was constructed.


Diesel Generator Installed

A large diesel generator was installed to keep the school running during load shedding.


Solar Panels Installed on SP Block

Solar Panels Installed on SP Block

A solar array was installed on the senior primary block, to generate additional power for the school.



Science and Technology Centre

Science and Technology Centre

Opening of the Gordon Murray Science and Technology Centre


Mr Noël Ingle appointed as principal

Mr Noël Ingle appointed as principal

Mr Noël Ingle appointed as principal at Glenwood Preparatory School.


Boarding Establishment Grows

Acquisition of additional facility for the Gordon Murray Boarding Establishment


Redesign front façade

Redesign front façade

Redesign of the front façade of the school.


The Prep Room

The Prep Room

Opening of the school’s new community restaurant, “The Prep Room”.


Boarding Establishment Opened


Refurbishment of ablution facilities

Total refurbishment of all ablution facilities in the school


Netball Complex Construction

Netball Complex Construction

Construction of a State of the Art Netball Complex completed


Extension of Stands

Extension of main field spectator stands


Construction of Mini Astros

Construction of two further mini astro Sport fields for the Foundation Phase.

Construction of a Senior Primary mini astro hockey facility.


New Car Park

Opening of the school’s new car park.


Building & Alterations

Renovations to all Grade 6 classrooms.

Completion of Multi – Purpose Centre upper floor to house drama, music, dance and choir departments.

Completion of new car park.

New Remedial Centre next to Grade 2 House opened.

Website remodeled.


Building & Renovations

Renovation of all Staff toilets in school Administration building.

Upgrade of all Administration offices, Foyer and relocation of Principals office.


Little Wembley Flood Lights

New Floodlights installed on ‘Little Wembley’ field.


Building & Alterations

Attenuation Tanks installation below ‘Little Wembley’ field completed and new retaining wall at Bulwer Road / School boundary finished.  After one and a half years out of use, field can once again be utilised.

Renovations and upgrade of Grade 5 classrooms.


Building & Alterations

New Sports Director’s Office built on the East side of Main School building.

New Grade 7 classroom built on ground floor next to Health Bar.


Centenary Bell Donated

‘Centenary Bell’ donated by the Kay family. Placed at verandah entrance to Main School Admin Building. On the last day of each academic year the Grade 7 leavers ring this bell i.e. after their last assembly ends.


Victor Daitz House Extended

Victor Daitz House Extended

‘Victor Daitz House’ extended to incorporate the new Media Centre wing. This turned into the Computer Centre with two classrooms also built above it.

Museum of Information and Communication opened.


Building & Alterations

Building & Alterations

Storehouse on Main field known as ‘The Storehouse’ officially opened.

The ‘Hudson Trust’ funded an Astroturf soccer and netball field in the J.P Department – it was called ‘The Kop’.

New Junior Primary Playground opened.

Grade 2 house called ‘Trust Cottage’ officially opened along with convenience rooms opened for the first time.

New Staff room facility opened by Mrs. Jennifer Robertson – Glenwood Prep’s longest serving teacher (1978 – present).

Extension of Main field stands called ‘Waste Centre Pavilion’ opened by Fernandez family.


Junior Primary Ablution Facilities

Junior Primary Ablution Facilities at the end of the J.P wing i.e. above ‘Little Wembley’ was opened for the first time. This facility was opened by Education District Director Mr. Ntombela.


MPC & Terry Inman Wing

MPC & Terry Inman Wing

Official opening of Multi – Purpose Centre Ground Floor.

The ‘Old Woodwork Room’ was converted into three pristine classrooms for the Grade 4’s, funded by and renamed the ‘Terry Inman Wing’.


Heated Swimming Pool

Heated Swimming Pool

Swimming pool now becomes heated.


Sports Communication Line

New Sports Communication Line – introduced into Sports Directors office


First Glenwood Festival

First Glenwood Festival

First Glenwood Festival held – organized by Glenwood Community Forum – Mr. Ardé founding member.  R20 000 was raised by an auction of a Nelson Mandela Painting.


Website & Building

The school launched a webpage, initiated by the ‘Glenwood Preparatory Alma Mater Association’. This webpage will assist the school in its efforts to establish contact with all ex – pupils.

New gate next to Tennis Courts – to allow J.P’s in and out.

Two new ground floor classrooms opened, sponsored by ‘Victor Daitz Trust’.


Cricket Pitches Extended

Main field cricket pitches extended and used for first time.


Building & Alterations

The Design / Science and Technology Centre was officially renamed the A. Law Centre.

The building of a new ‘Art Centre’ began in the East wing adjoining the quad, Media Centre and the Junior Primary area, and was completed at the end of February 2007. ‘Victor Daitz House’ was officially opened on 1 March 2007. At present this facility is utilised as two classrooms.


Building & Alterations

Building & Alterations

Camelot College purchased their own home at 256 Bulwer Road. This property bordered on Glenwood Preparatory Schools boundary and the pupils of Camelot moved into their new facility in January 2006.

Glenwood Preparatory School Trust purchased 22 Lynton Avenue, a private home adjoining the school property.  The property was completely renovated and now houses three Junior Primary Classes. ‘Trust House’ was officially opened on 1 March 2007

Six new Cricket nets, named the “Ivor Egar Nets” were opened on the main field


Design and Technology Centre Opened

Design and Technology Centre Opened

Further development took place under the school building. A uniform shop was opened and the Design / Science and Technology Centre opened its doors in the North East wing of the school.


Glenwood Preparatory School

Glenwood Preparatory School

The name of the school was changed to Glenwood Preparatory School (Principal at the time – Mr. A. L. Ardé).  The uniform changed to the Glenwood High School Colours.

The school received a new motto, “Unity in Diversity”. Minor changes were made to the school song lyrics to accommodate the school name change. The Junior Primary department opened one class of grade 1s. A borehole was sunk on the main field and irrigation sprinklers introduced onto both fields.

Camelot College, a private remedial school, opened at Glenwood Preparatory – a partnership whereby Camelot utilised available classroom space and joint use of facilities, a first such venture in South Africa. A school swimming pool was built on the small East field.  The remainder of the field was named “Little Wembley”. Stands were built around the field.


New Kit Room and Facilities Room Built

Further renovations were made under the school. A new kit room and facilities room called “The Hopper” was built.


AGB Trust – Major alterations to buildings

A private Trust (AGB Trust) initiated major alterations to the school. A new Media Centre, Computer Centre, Play Centre, Choir Room, Health Shop facility and Admin Foyer was built.


Board of Governors

The first Board of Governors was elected by the parents.


Boundary Wall Erected

Boundary Wall Erected

A new boundary wall was erected around the perimeter of the school. Mr Ivor Egar, Principal at the time, initiated this development.


Children of all races welcomed

The School opened its doors to children of all races.


Main Sports Field & School Song

Main Sports Field & School Song

A whole block of houses were demolished North East of Gascoigne Lane and the land was levelled and re-laid as the main sports field for Park View Government School. The North East border of the school then became Ferguson Road.

Pat Coyne, Principal at the time, wrote the lyrics to the school song.


Building & Alterations

The new North East classroom block was built and alterations were made to the old block. The direction of the hall was changed and a new stage built.


School Motto “Excelsior” is chosen

School Motto “Excelsior” is chosen

Principal at the time, C.J. Armitage, chose the schools motto “Excelsior”, which means “Higher Still”. This was in celebration of two memorable events: the first successful climbing of Mt Everest and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.


Inter-house Athletics Competitions

Marking the end of the Second World War, Principal at the time Mr. Harle, started the first Inter-house Athletics Competitions. He named four houses: Nettleton, Norton, Smythe and Swales, after four war heroes who were awarded the Victoria Cross.


Park View Government School

Park View Government School

Bulwer Park Government School was officially renamed Park View Government School. The school reopened with 275 children having been enrolled, the majority of which had relocated from Model Infants School in Gale Street, which subsequently closed down.

Mr. R.T. Harle was the first Principal of Park View Government School.


New Afrikaans School, Port Natal

Pupils marched to the new Afrikaans school, Port Natal, which was built in Umbilo.


1920 – 1940 Afrikaans Medium

1920 – 1940

Many Nederland’s / Afrikaans pupils were enrolled at the school, which inevitably became an Afrikaans Medium School. The numbers of the school increased to such a level that alternate accommodation was sought.


Bulwer Park Government School Opens

Bulwer Park Government School Opens

Bulwer Park Government School opened on the Bulwer Park Site. Mayor of Durban at the time, Walter Greenacre, officially opened the school and introduced their First Principal –

Mr. J. W. Rober. The school had 380 children enrolled, from Grades 3 through to 8.