Glenwood Prep has offered a successful and popular aftercare program for many years and our staff are known for their warm and friendly demeanour and placing the welfare of our children first. Safety and fun are their priority.

Our children are kept active and stimulated while waiting for their parents to collect them. This makes for enjoyable afternoons that pass the time quickly. Many parents struggle with the guilt of having to work until 5 pm each day and having to leave their children all day but it need not be the case with our wonderful and safe aftercare environment.

During this COVID pandemic our staff are especially vigilant and social distancing is of paramount importance. As per the school COVID Rules, no parent can enter the school grounds to collect their child. The aftercare staff communicates with one another via a walkie-talkie system. Upon arrival at the gate, the parent will give the name of the child being collected. The child’s name and grade will be called via the walkie-talkie and one of the staff will go and collect the child to ensure they start moving towards the gate. The parent’s hands are sanitized, and the correct book is to be held for the parent to sign. The child’s hands are also sanitized before they leave the school property with their parent.

Children are kept socially distanced at all times, but this does not stop them from having a good time and being active. Much effort goes into planning each afternoon’s activities whilst ensuring safety and this is what our children love.

Dance challenges, games, and a time to unwind are on the cards for each afternoon and a good time is had by all, including the staff on duty who love what they do!