Cats of Durban Fundraiser

Sometimes you come across someone who really restores your faith in the youth of today.

One such young lady is Rhiannon Noble Ashby. She found out a while ago that there were some stray cats around her school, Glenwood Prep.
So she decided to raise the money herself to bring her cats to Cats of Durban for sterilization. This last weekend, she, her sister, and her friend, took a table at the Bluff flea market and sold goods to raise funds.
They baked cupcakes and made fudge, and added some Cats of Durban merchandise, and raised – wait for it – more than an amazing R3 200!
This is enough to sterilize eight cats.
The girls really worked hard on their project, and it ended up being a fantastic success.

Obviously Glenwood Prep teaches their learners the benefits of entrepreneurship and hard work, and Cats of Durban is proud to be associated with such innovative youngsters.

Thank you, Rhiannon and Jeneva Noble Ashby, and Trinity Brown. You are a credit to your parents and your school.